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Since 1978 ODIS is a global leader in water treatment solutions. ODIS develop design, manufacture and operate water and wastewater treatment plants for various industries, municipalities, and agricultural sectors. ODIS takes pride in working with governments and various multi-nationals, private and public, organizations. ODIS leads the way in water treatment solutions for multiple applications. Our expertise includes treating wastewater, drinking water, industrial process water, as well as remote and emergency relief aid. Utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment technologies, ODIS is providing innovative and custom made solutions for its customers.

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At ODIS we manufacture everything in-house, to the highest manufacturing standards and according to your specifications. From filtration units to complete systems, large or small, whatever water treatment product you need – ODIS will manufacture it for you.
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From raw water analysis to a full solution, ODIS is designing, engineering and manufacturing water treatment plants and products. Choosing the optimal solution to given water contamination. At ODIS, we provide our clients with complete, customized solutions for all of their water treatment needs.
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ODIS offers Turnkey projects providing all services required to implement our clients’ water treatment plant from A to Z. We save our customers time, money and effort, as ODIS does all the work and delivers a complete product at the end of the process. Our team of experts covers all aspects of the project – design, manufacture, civil engineering, installation, and commissioning. Odis integrate various technologies and solutions within our Turnkey projects. Contact us today to learn more >

- B.O.T -

Built, Operate and Transfer
ODIS’s B.O.T solution allows our customers to easily finance the water treatment project. Odis will design, build and operate the water treatment plant for a period of time, while the customer pays for the actual water production of the plant. At the end of the BOT period, the customer will own the plant.
ODIS offer various business models and financing options offering peace of mind to our clients.
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