Quality & Standards

ODIS products are designed and built to the highest manufacturing standards, in order to meet our clients’ needs and comply with the stern regulations imposed on water treatment solutions. We believe in the adhering of our systems to the best level of quality in production and service. Through our policy implementation ODIS’s products are considered as the world’s leaders in product quality.

As part of our continuous effort to evolve and better our products and services and to meet the changing market requirements; ODIS has implanted a Quality management system to better satisfy the expectations of our customers, document our best business practices, and improve the overall management of the company.

Our documented Quality Management System is designed to ensure our customers, staff, management, and shareholders with the best product and service available; we are striving to exceed their quality expectations.

Odis Quality Management System, which is based upon the requirements of ISO9001:2015, is primarily focused on the importance of planning, communicating, and reviewing our entre solutions, technologies, products and related services to ensure our customer’s satisfaction at each and every business interaction. Other focal points include quality control on our design process, manufacturing, assembly, installations, and R&D. 

At ODIS we constantly strive to improve in order to remain competitive, contribute to our clients’ needs and develop our staff and procedures, all based on a strong, financially solid company. When choosing an ODIS solution, you are choosing an experienced top quality, solution.

To further enhance ODIS’s policy of self-evolvement, Odis’ Senior Management will encourage a culture of honesty, communication and teamwork at all levels of the organization. Staff input, open communication policies, intergroup co-operation, and a philosophy of continual improvement are actively encouraged.

Among our standards:

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, NSF, NAMA, CE, IIS

Our design complies with ASME standards.

 Our water quality process complies with the world health organization (WHO) standards, and with local standards in each country, we are operating in.