Desalination Units

Lite pure EX®

Water source: Capacity: Operation: Treated water: Turbidity range:
Sea Water, brackish water, surface water, rivers, lakes, shallow wells

5 m3/h

Fully/Semi-Automatic/Manual Safe drinking water, WHO standard Up to 40,000 ppm

Main Features

The lite pure EX is a total water treatment solution for drinking water. The system is suitable for producing the highest quality of drinking water from any kind of water source, such as brackish water, groundwater, rivers, lakes, seawater, reservoirs, harvested rainwater and more. Our Lite Pure EX systems are designed to answer all of our clients’ needs for drinking water. The Lite Pure EX systems comply with the world health organization (WHO) guidelines for drinking water quality.

Main Components of Lite pure EX® System

Water Intake Strainer
Filtration Pump
Coagulation Unit
Rapid Sedimentation Unit
ODISMatic® – Automatic screen filter
Fine Filtration by Multi-Media Double
Chamber Filters
Granular Activated Carbon
Anti-scalant dosing unit
High pressure pump
R.O unit
CIP unit
Re-mineralization column
Disinfection Unit
Control board
Concentrate Brine water drainage unit
Instrumentation – electromagnetic flow meter,
conductivity controller

Lite pure EX®Lite pure EX®