Emergency & Remote

In the last decade, our world has seen its fair share of conflicts and disasters zones due to human misconduct, climate change and increased demand for drinking water, the need for freshwater solutions is becoming a major problem for billions of people around the globe. ODIS’s environmental guidelines allow us to lend a helping hand in emergencies and remote locations, for the benefit of both our clients and the environment.

Our emergency and remote locations water treatment systems are designed to endure even the toughest surrounding, ensuring that fresh drinking water will be constantly supplied, regardless of the harshness of the conditions it is operating in.

The systems are designed to treat water from any source, either conventional or non-conventional such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs, harvested rainwater, brackish water, and seawater.

ODIS’s extensive experience means we have already delivered hundreds of various systems to UN organizations and relief aids, all in accordance with the world health organization (WHO) high standards for drinking water.

Our systems have been implemented in multiple emergencies such as earthquakes, tsunamis, droughts, floods, and extremely contaminated water. They were also successfully put in-use in humanitarian relief efforts such as refugee camps, distant rural areas and conflict zones.

ODIS takes pride in introducing its emergency response and disaster relief water treatment systems, for a healthier and sustainable future. These high-quality systems produce safe drinking water from any contaminated water, even in remote environments. They are designed and manufactured to endure the harshest field conditions, assembled by rapid transportation via ground, air or sea, and are operated instantly upon arrival, to ensure maximum productivity, reduced costs, and immediate aid.

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