Wastewater is one of the major contributors to global pollution that endanger our water sources and wreak havoc on the environment. Wastewater is also a constant polluter in urban and industrial areas and as such it requires the best possible water treatment solution to reduce the environmental footprint and lower its discharge costs while complying with the stiff regulations needed to re-cleanse the water- this is what ODIS excels in.

ODIS offers a wide variety of innovative solutions for treating and recycling wastewater, specifically designed for industrial, municipal, and private usage in hotels and hospitals.

Our unique wastewater systems are manufactured to the highest possible degree to ensure our clients with the maximum efficiency of our products while saving time and money by allowing easy installation, and the utmost compatible to their needs.

The wastewater treatment system is designed to treat wastewater with a variable broad range of suspended solids, BOD, COD, minerals, pesticides, sludge removal, grease, oil and more. It utilizes cutting edge technology in all of the treatment stages: biological reactor, solid-liquid separation, clarification, deep bed multimedia filtration and disinfection to ensure our clients’ water intake is perfectly suited to their specific requirements, Whether it’s extracting raw material from water, wastewater reuse, or complying with wastewater regulation – we at ODIS do it all!

ODIS’s wastewater treatment plants are durable, reliable, easy to use, and they are fully automatic for a continuous and cost-effective, operational status. Our systems are environmentally friendly and manufactured to operate without any emissions of odors or leakage of any kind, allowing a healthier and safer environment.

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