ODIS is one of the largest worldwide manufacturers of water treatment plants. Each of our systems can be customized to meet specific site requirements. We offer our customers a complete design service, adjusting the solution to fit the customer designated installation location.
ODIS' products are designed and built to the highest standards, we offer a wide variety of solutions for water and wastewater treatment plants, for various applications. Each system line is dedicated to a different application, with small, medium and large capacity in each system line. Our systems can be skid, trailer or container mounted, for easier on-site installation, or can be built on-site, according to need. Many of our systems are modular and therefore expandable, ensuring they are tailored made for your business.
Most of our systems are also available in the "Compact Line", built and assembled in our factory, tested and shipped to our customers and ready to operate. The Compact Line allows for minimal work time on site (Plug n' Play), minimal civil works and quick roll-out. It is a cost-effective solution –and one of the many advantages ODIS can offer its' clients.