Since the beginning in 1978, ODIS manufactured its products with a “Make everything in house” philosophy. One of Odis’s secrets to success is our manufacturing capabilities, due to our all-inclusive “in house” production line, which enables us to design and produce our water treatment products.

Nowadays, we are proud of our manufacturing hall, utilizing the most advanced manufacturing methods in the water treatment market, making it easy for our engineering team to develop new solutions or adjust existing solutions to each customer’s requirements.         

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to:

  • Control the quality of products
  • Short supply time
  • Quick response to customers changing requirements
  • Make Odis competitive in pricing, while not compromising on the quality of the product.
  • Develop new solutions quickly and cost-effectively

Our manufacturing technology utilizes advanced coating and finishing processes, Welding and assembling operations are performed by skilled experts whose quality workmanship is followed up by specialized techniques, required to produce ODIS products for extended lifetime and maintenance-free operation.

The factory is situated in the beating heart of the city of Petah Tikva industrial area in central Israel, 25 minutes drive from TLV airport, and 40 km from Ashdod port.

R&D Department

Odis’s policy is to keep developing new solutions and products, to keep the company as a market leader and introduce new and cutting edge technologies in the water and wastewater treatment fields.

ODIS invests in the development of:

  • New technologies
  • New solutions and processes (water, wastewater, industrial water)
  • Improvement of existing products, introducing new features, improved performances, and better efficiency.

ODIS’s Multi-disciplinary team of experts’ development method is based on extensive experience, as reflected by the design and provision of propriety solutions for various water treatment problems.

ODIS has several family patents registered under its name.