About Odis


Since 1978 ODIS is a global leader in water treatment solutions. ODIS develop design, manufacture and operate water and wastewater treatment plants for various industries, municipalities, and agricultural sectors. ODIS takes pride in working with governments and various multi-nationals, private and public, organizations. ODIS leads the way in water treatment solutions for multiple applications. Our expertise includes treating wastewater, drinking water, industrial process water, as well as remote and emergency relief aid. Utilizing state-of-the-art water treatment technologies, ODIS is providing innovative and custom made solutions for its customers. The company’s sustainable mindset is constantly developing new technologies to help protect the environment, by preserving water and saving precious energy.

Our Unique water treatment Solutions

At ODIS we envision, design and create multiple water treatment units while focusing on reducing water usage and cutting down on waste products, thus ensuring our clients with the best possible water treatment solutions. Our unique set up is designed to maximize the benefits for our clients. Here at ODIS, we manufacture everything from filters to large water treatment plants. We have several family patents registered to our name, allowing our customers flexibility and ensuring their business has a competitive edge. Our water treatment units are designed and manufactured by ODIS and are tailor-made for our customers Our products are modular, efficient and compatible to meet all types of needs. Feel free to browse through our unique water treatment solutions and products.

Our expertise

For over 40 years Odis has been an international catalyst, designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning water treatment plants. Our expertise enables us to turn groundwater, seawater, surface water, and even wastewater into high-quality water, that meets our clients’ unique requirements. Our team of experts utilizes a state-of-the-art facility where all-inclusive technical solutions are made per individual project. ODIS is a complete package, providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly water treatment products and services.

Our competitive edge

Over the years we have developed a wide range of solutions to meet our client’s water treatment challenges while providing the optimal technical solution. Our products are designed and built by ODIS to the highest manufactured standards. ODIS’s full “in house” manufacturing line allows us to offer our clients the best quality treatment for their water requirements, short supply time and the best value for their money.

Whatever you need we offer! At ODIS we realize that some of our clients have unique needs therefore, our R&D innovative team is ready to design and bring new concepts to fruition. If your company requires a water treatment unit or an out-of-the-box water solution, ODIS is the place to turn to. Contact us >

ODIS – Treating Water For Life