Coagulation – Flocculation

ODIS Coagulation – Flocculation water treatment process is used in effluent wastewater for the removal of solids, water clarification, sludge thickening, and for solid dewatering.
The coagulants process works by neutralizing the negative electrical charge on particles, which destabilizes the forces keeping the colloids apart. Once the particles are destabilized the Flocculants process gathers them together and causes them to agglomerate and drop out of the solution. Inorganic coagulants, organic coagulants, or a combination of both are typically used to treat water for suspended solids removal.
ODIS large range of Coagulation – Flocculation applications mean it can treat all sorts of water-related issues such as wastewater treatment, surface water clarification, organic matter, ferric salts, aluminum salts and more.

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